Black Crow 24: Upcoming French Military Exercise to Disrupt GPS Signals

The French Air and Space Force (AAE) is set to commence Black Crow 24, a military exercise designed to train crews in ground support missions under conditions of GPS signal disruption. Scheduled from May 27 to June 7, this exercise will involve GNSS jamming across multiple sites within the TRA43 zone.

Impacted volumes centered on the median point of the jammers. Source: FFPLUM

The exercise aims to create an electromagnetic environment where GPS signals are deliberately jammed, helping crews adapt to such challenges during real missions. Two jammers will operate simultaneously across four locations, causing significant GPS disruptions over large areas.

The impacted areas, centered at 45°36’00’’N 002°19’00’’E, will extend up to 246 nautical miles at 40,000 feet, 170 nautical miles at 15,000 feet, and 100 nautical miles at 4000 feet. The jamming will affect GNSS procedures, depending on the proximity to the jamming sources.

To keep the public informed, the AAE will issue two NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen) each week, providing details about the jamming operations. The first NOTAM will be released two days before the start of the exercise, with subsequent notices following the same schedule.

Pilots and aviation personnel are advised to stay updated on these developments to mitigate any potential disruptions to their operations.