Searches in the European Parliament amid Investigation into Russian Influence Network

On May 29, federal prosecutors in Belgium conducted searches at the European Parliament’s offices and a residence in Brussels as part of an investigation into alleged Russian interference and corruption.

In March, Czech intelligence revealed the existence of a network designed to promote pro-Russian views, allegedly via payments to Members of the European Parliament. The network reportedly targets far-right and eurosceptic members, suggesting a strategic effort by Moscow to influence political opinion and policy within the EU and disrupt European unity.

The inquiry specifically focuses on the activities of Voice of Europe, a website identified as a conduit for Russian propaganda. Guillaume Pradoura, a parliamentary assistant linked to several European far-right politicians, has been implicated as a central figure in this case, suspected of playing a significant role in promoting Russian interests within the EU Parliament and influencing the European electoral process.

Recent measures have led to the inclusion of Voice of Europe on an EU sanctions list, effectively banning its distribution across the Union.

This operation comes ahead of the European elections, underscoring concerns about foreign interference.