Malaysia Searches For New MLRS

Malaysia is seeking to replace its decades-old rocket systems with newer technology. With several options on the table, it appears the South Korean K239 Chunmoo system is likely to be chosen in the near future.

A K239 test firing K33 131 mm rockets. (Photo – Hanwha Defense Source/Armament Agency)

The K239 is the most likely replacement for the current Brazilian-manufactured Astros II Multiple Launch Rocket System due to its high versatility and meeting of Malaysia’s required range of 290 km.

It features two launch pods capable of firing three different rockets. It can hold 20 K33 131mm unguided rockets, 6 KM26A2 230mm rockets, or 6 239mm Chunmoo guided rockets (CGR080) available with either high explosive penetration warheads or cluster munitions.

Malaysia currently operates 36 Astros II systems. It is unknown how many K239 systems will be purchased.