Clashes Occur Between Indonesian Security Forces and Free Papua Movement Rebels

On June 6th, two clashes occurred between the Free Papua Movement (OPM) and Indonesian security forces in two locations in Western Papua. The clashes resulted in one OPM rebel and one Indonesian security force member being wounded.

The first clash occurred in the village of Jalan Seradala, Dekai District, Yahukimo Regency, located in the central region of Western Papua. The soldiers involved in the incident were part of Operation Cartenz’s Peace, a joint operation between the Indonesian military and national police to fight against the OPM.

The other clash occurred in the villages of Bazemba and Wandog in Supgada District, Intan Jaya Regency, located in the eastern region.

The incidents occurred as Indonesian officials gave security forces new rules of engagement that allow personnel to fire on any Papuans armed with firearms.