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Hostages taken in Colleyville Texas



– Hostage situation is underway at the Beth Israel Temple in Colleyville, Texas, after a gunman stormed the building towards the tail end of services.
– Services were being held remotely, so only a few people were inside at the time.
– Number of hostages is unclear, but recent reports suggest four.
– The service was broadcasted to Facebook live when the incident began.
– I was able to catch the last 5 or so minutes of it before Facebook stopped it. Couldn’t see anything but the gunman could be heard speaking on the phone with what I assume were hostage negotiators. From what I could make out he was speaking Pashtu or Urdu as well, but I couldn’t figure out an accent to place a specific dialect. At one point he said “I am going to die today” and something about shooting his way out.
– He also made mention of Palestine at one point, but it was unclear exactly what about it.




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