Sweden Encounters Drones Near Nuclear Power Plants



Swedish police have confirmed that unknown “drones have been observed over the Forsmark and Oskarshamn nuclear power plants.” While little information has been provided as to what type of drone, they have been described as a “larger model that withstands wind as it blows hard in the area.” They noted that the drones did not drop anything or land. The plants are in two separate parts of the country, with Forsmark being located north of Stockholm along the Gulf of Bothnia while Oskarshamn is south of Stockholm across from Gotland Island, which has seen a massive Swedish military presence due to increased Russian military in the Baltic region (above). With no information provided about the drones’ possible origins or type, it’s hard to gauge anything. If by “larger model” meaning anything bigger than a standard DJI Phantom, military systems like the Russian Orlan-10 (just using it as an example) have ranges under 100 miles, meaning the drones weren’t likely launched from the sea as Russian vessels aren’t that close to shore currently. I wish they provided more info as to whether it was a fixed-wing or a quad-prop.




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