Large Explosion Along Israel-Gaza Barrier, Hamas Suspected

In the past week, armed Palestinian groups have used continuing border protests along the Israel-Gaza barrier to place Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) along the fence line, with the aim of inflicting casualties among patrolling Israeli forces. 


In recent weeks, clashes between Israelis and Palestinians have increased, with an Israeli border officer killing a Palestinian man who attempted to attack him in the Jordan Valley, a Palestinian woman attempting to stab an Israeli Police officer in Jerusalem, and armed groups in the West Bank continuing to utilise IEDs against Israeli heavy machinery. 

Research Analyst Joe Truzman, stated this week that Hamas is once again allowing militants to attempt to sabotage the Israel-Gaza barrier, a tactic utilised by the group during the 2018-2019 Gaza border protests. During this protest, 223 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, Hamas, recognised by various nations as a terrorist organisation, “is a militant movement and one of the Palestinian territories’ two major political parties. It governs more than two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, but the group is best known for its armed resistance to Israel.”


According to Israeli Publication N12, “in the last year and a half by various patterns, including stabbing attacks, trampling attacks and the placement of highly powerful explosive devices. The profile of the terrorists is difficult to identify by the security system and cannot be framed. In the territories, there is talk of new characteristics of the wave of terrorism: organized terrorism abroad by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which coordinate squads in the field. At the same time, local squads of terrorist organizations operate that do not receive instructions or money from the outside and act on their own accord.”