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A Deep Dive into Armenia’s Evolving Security Situation

Growing Closer The relationship between France and Armenia has grown stronger yet again as within the past several days Armenia's Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, has visited France for important talks with French President Emmanuel Macron. Following these talks, the French defence minister, Sebastien Lecornu, arrived in Armenia to meet with Armenia's...

Budget Request Shows Chinese Incursions Straining Taiwan’s Military Fuel Funds

Request For Additional Fuel Funds Recently, it was revealed that Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense submitted a letter to the Legislative Yuan to approve more funds to pay for additional fuel in 2023. The ministry submitted the request to the Legislative Yuan’s General Accounting Office to approve $15.3 million USD...

Space Force to Optimize for Great Power Competition

What Happened: The U.S. has been interested in space since the race with the USSR began in 1955 and arguably ended in 1969 with a moon landing made by an American astronaut crew. Since then, the United States has shifted its focus and finances to other concerns, until recently. The Space...


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