Individual Attempted to Crash Into the Gate of Chinese Leadership’s Residence

An unknown individual reportedly drove onto the sideway near the entrance of Zhongnanhai in an attempt to ram the Xinhua Gate in the early morning hours on March 10th. Zhongnanhai is the residence of not only Chinese leader Xi Jinping but also State Council and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Politburo members and their families.

In the footage, several plain-clothed police officers drag the individual out of the vehicle, a black sedan, and carry him away from the scene. Recent images of Xinhua Gate match the appearance of the gate in the video, indicating that the video is not old.

While it is unknown why the individual drove their vehicle onto the sideway and the steps of Xinhua Gate, it is likely to protest the current socio-economic situation in China and its effect on most of the country’s population.

Screenshot of Chinese plainsclothes police officer detaining individual after he attempted to drive into Zhongnanhai (Photo: X, formally known as Twitter/@whyyoutouzhele)