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Sébastien Gray


About Me

Sébastien Gray is a published journalist and historicist with over 5 years experience in writing. Apart of the GoodHistory team.



First Refugees from Artsakh Arrive in Armenia

First Arrivals Over 1000 refugees from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) have now arrived in Armenia via the Lachin corridor, arriving in the Armenian province of Syunik, mostly to the city of Goris. As of 10PM local time, 1,050 people had been transferred...

Armenian FM Demands UN Peacekeeper Deployment to Artsakh

Speech at the UNSC Armenia's Foreign Minister, Ararat Mirzoyan, yesterday gave a speech to the United Nations Security Council. His initial speech lasted approximately 14 minutes, and has several key portions. Namely, he requested that a UN Peacekeeping force be deployed...

First Artsakh-Azerbaijan Meeting Takes Place Amid Reports of Shooting at Stepanakert

The Meeting Today (September 21st) in the Azeri city of Yevlakh was held the first of many meetings between the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) government and the government of Azerbaijan. The meeting lasted about three hours. According to Azerbaijan's statement on the...

Artsakh: What Happens Now..?

Ceasefire Established Earlier today it was announced that Artsakh (aka Nagorno-Karabakh) authorities had relented and that the Artsakh Defence Army would not only be disarming, but disbanding entirely and withdrawing from Artsakh. This comes after Azerbaijan launched a large scale...

Libyan Floods Kill over 11,000 as Thousands Remain Missing

Tragedy Strikes Libya has experienced extensive destruction after two dams broke Monday during Mediterranean Storm Daniel, sending water several metres high down a valley that goes through the middle of the Libyan city of Derna. Prior to the flooding, Derna...

Morocco Earthquake Death Toll Rises to Above 1,000

What Happened Morocco last night was hit by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake at 11PM local time. While initially the death toll was below 300, it has since risen to over 1,000, presently (as of 11AM EST) sitting at 1,037. Well...

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