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Ukrainian Forces Reportedly Breakthrough Near Kreminna, Luhansk

Approximately six hours ago the Russian Ministry of Defense began publicly signaling that Ukrainian infantry assaults were being repulsed in the vicinity of Chervonopopivka on P-88, the main supply route that runs North-South through the Russian stronghold of Kreminna....

Four Killed Including Two Attackers on Hezbe-Islami Gulbuddin Office, Kabul

At approximately 0513 EST, two would-be suicide bombers initiated a complex attack on the Hezbe-Islami Gulbuddin party headquarters in Kabul Afghanistan. The attack reportedly was targeting Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of the party. However, his family has since confirmed...

Slew of Letter Bombs Target Pro-Ukrainian Institutions in Spain

In the last twenty-four hours, at least five incendiary letters and package bombs have been sent to several institutions in Spain that seem to be connected to the war effort in Ukraine. The first instance was a letter bomb...

Afghan National Liberation Front Reportedly Claims Responsibility for Samangan Bombing

Earlier today, an explosion ripped through a religious school in the Aybak area of Samangan, Afghanistan, reportedly killing 19, according to Taliban officials. International condemnation poured in denouncing the attack, most notably from the Uzbek Foreign Ministry, former Afghan...

FBI and Croatian Authorities Raid Medvedchuk’s Yacht

Croatian authorizes have confirmed that they carried out a search of the My Royal Romance which was seized by Croatia at the request of the U.S. government in March of 2022 while in port at Rijeka. According to Croatian media: “The luxury...

Joint Chinese- Russian Bomber Patrol Enters South Korean ADIZ

At approximately 0024 EST, South Korean media began reporting that two Chinese and six Russian military aircraft entered the air defense identification zone without announcement. By 0030 EST, the aircraft had departed, and by that time, the South Koreans...

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