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President of Nicaragua Bans Lenten Processions

In yet another move in his war against the Catholic Church, the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, has banned all public processions during the Lenten season, including the traditional Lenten Procession and Stations of the Cross. Many fear that...

Migrant Boat Sinks off Coast of Italy

On Sunday morning, a wooden migrant boat carrying upwards of 200 people sank off the coast of Crotone, Italy. So far, rescuers have recovered 60 bodies, but they fear the death toll could easily reach the 100s. Officials say...

Greek Cypriot Farmer Claims to be Shot by Turkish Forces

A Greek Cypriot farmer is claiming to have been shot by Turkish occupying forces in the land between the Turkish held north and Cypriot government held south. The man was shot in the shoulder and is currently recovering in...

Five Dead and More Hospitalized After Migrant Boat Sinks off Coast of Greece

Tragedy struck on Sunday when a boat carrying at least 41 migrants sank off the coast of Greece, 6 of whom were children. Authorities were alerted to the sinking after a woman’s body was reported being sighted floating in the...

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