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Ecuador Launches International Raids on Drug Traffickers Alongside Spanish Police

A Multinational Effort The Ecuadorian National Police launched a series of raids alongside Spanish police in their respective countries early on Tuesday morning, raiding several properties thought to be used as the headquarters of an international drug trafficking ring. The raids...

Colombia Relaunches Offensive Against Narco-Terrorists

A Renewed Offensive The Colombian government announced on Wednesday that they plan to reinitiate an offensive aimed solely at Clan del Golfo (the Gulf Clan), Colombia’s largest narco cartel. The renewed offensive comes after the capture of drug lord and Clan...

68 Gang Members Arrested Following Attempted Hospital Takeover, Ecuador

An Attempted Siege Ecuadorian authorities successfully arrested 68 members of an unidentified gang on Sunday following the group’s attempted takeover of a hospital located in Yaguachi, located in the province of Guayas, after one member suffered injuries from an unknown...

Six Catholic Nuns Taken Hostage in Haitian Capital

Religious Sisters in Danger Six Catholic nuns were taken hostage alongside an unknown number of others by criminals on Friday in Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. The six religious sisters belonging to the Sisters of Sainte-Anne Congregation were captured after armed criminals hijacked...

Two Suspects Arrested in Connection to Murder of Ecuadorian Prosecutor

To Catch Killers: Two suspects believed to be involved in the murder of an Ecuadorian prosecutor were arrested on Thursday. Following the arrest, authorities discovered rifles, handguns, ammunition, and clothing belonging to the transit agency in Guayaquil. The prosecutor, Cesar Suarez,...

Colombia’s FARC Announces Alliance With ELN in Narino, Colombia

An Agreement With Ideological Allies: An alliance between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and Colombia's National Liberation Army (ELN) was brokered on Saturday in the department of Nariño after decades of conflict between the two paramilitary groups. A video...

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