Pakistani Supreme Court Upholds Vote of No Confidence Against PM Khan

Pakistani Supreme Court Upholds Vote of No Confidence Against PM Khan


The Pakistani Supreme Court has just overturned the National Assembly’s decision to reject holding a vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Khan. Meaning that a vote will commence in the National Assembly to possibly oust the PM.

A five-judge bench of the Pakistan Supreme Court has delivered a unanimous verdict, terming the National Assembly Deputy Speaker’s decision to dismiss the no-confidence motion against the Imran Khan government as “unconstitutional”. The court also said the vote will take place at 1000 local on Saturday.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday dodged a vote of no-confidence when the deputy speaker, a member of Khan’s ruling party, refused to hold it. Qasim Khan Suri claimed there was “foreign interference” in the attempt to unseat Khan.

This vote and subsequent SC decision is stemming from PM Khan dissolving the National Assembly on the same day as the skirted vote. He accused the US of drumming up support for his no-confidence vote.


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