Video of D.C. Self-Immolation (Warning Graphic)

Video of D.C. Self-Immolation (Warning Graphic)


Two Citadel Cadets, Robert Portegello and Jack Casazza were on the scene and captured this footage of today’s attempted self-immolation of a man in front of the Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C. Cadet Portgello managed to get a clear video of the man, and Cadet Casazza ran up to assist Capital Police in dousing the flames. Casey Casazza said that “the man was completely silent while on fire and only screamed “Shame!”, once he and Capital Police extinguished the flames.”

Casazza is a member of the Manhasset Lakeview Fire Department who relied on his training in emergency care to assist the officers.

It is still not clear at this time the motivation do the self-immolation attempt.

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