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Mexican Navy Mi-17 Crash

Mexican Navy Mi-17 Crash


Five Mexican Navy personnel have sustained non-life-threatening injuries after their Mi-17 experienced a tail rotor failure at Mazatlan Airport today.


The crew was apparently launching to aid emergency crews in fighting a nearby forest fire.

This crash is very reminiscent of the 2021 crash of the same T/M/S with Interior Minister Jose Francisco Blake Mora and seven others onboard.


The Mexican military reportedly operates 22 of the Mi-17 helicopters. However, in the past four years, there have been at least four high-profile crashes, such as the one listed above and the 2019 crash of the Mexican Air Force Mi-17 during firefighting operations, killing six.

Tessaron United States Naval Academy and American Military University Alumni. Covering flash military, intelligence, and geo-political updates.
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