Active Shooter Situation At Robb Elementary, Uvalde, TX

Active Shooter Situation At Robb Elementary, Uvalde, TX


Update (1726 EST): U.S. President Biden to address the nation tonight with regards to the shooting. Uvalde police say the suspect acted alone and the victims are 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

Salvador Romast, shooter. From suspects social media.

Update (1717 EST): Texas Governor Abbott releases a statement saying that 18-year-old Salvador Romast killed his grandmother and then went to Robb Elementary School to conduct the shooting. Also released this statement:

Update (1656 EST): Governor Abbott reportedly confirms the suspect was killed by gunfire by law enforcement, disproving earlier claims that he has been captured.

Update (1647 EST): Texas Governor Abbott has reportedly confirmed to press that 14 children have been killed along with 1 teacher. Contradicting reporting as to the status of the 18 years old shooter who was initially reported as captured. ABC correspondents now saying he has been confirmed dead. Shooter was apparently a student at Uvalde High School.

Update (1634 EST): Mass Casualty Evacuation Bus arriving at Uvalde Memorial Hospital. These ambulance buses are used to transport anywhere from 10-20 victims. Standby for official confirmation from Uvalde Police Department, but reports are coming in of multiple children killed by the shooter. ATF, FBI, and DHS are on scene.

Update (1624 EST): Uvalde Memorial Hospital has confirmed they received 13 children via ambulance and bus. 2 have been transferred to San Antonio and two individuals were confirmed deceased upon arrival. Total injured and killed has not been confirmed. Press Conference to be held within the next 30 minutes.

Update (1603 EST): Official press conference to be held soon.

Update (1447 EST): Uvalde Police have confirmed one teacher at the school was shot while the suspect fled Border Patrol agents into Robb Elementary School. University Health in San Antonio has confirmed they received one student and one teacher from the school, without confirming their health status.

Update (1436 EST): Eyewitness reports that suspect was fleeing Border Patrol Agents and exchanging gunfire when he entered the school and hid inside, prompting the lockdown. Not confirmed at this time.

Update (1416 EST): Uvalde Police have confirmed suspect in custody. No further details.

Update (1403 EST): Uvalde Police have established a cordon around the school. No update on the shooter or casualties.

Eyewitness photos captured by Joe Paula Ortega.

Update (1340 EST): Uvalde Mayor McLaughlin has confirmed at least one person shot as the shooter entered the school, law enforcement have not neutralized the shooter who is barricaded inside the school. Eyewitnesses reported an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and Uvalde Police and Border Patrol agents who responded to the scene.

Anne Marie Espinoza, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications for Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, has confirmed an active shooter situation at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. The campus is apparently is for 2nd-4th graders.

According to eye witness reports, windows were being broken and children were being evacuated out of the first story as law enforcement arrived on scene. No word yet on casualties.

Parents have been instructed to pick up evacuated children at SSGT Willie de Leon Civi Center nearby.

This is developing

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