Good Samaritan Thwarts Mass Shooting, Greenwood Park Mall, Indiana

Update (2130 EST): Police have confirmed that a man with a rifle opened fire in the food court before being killed by a Good Samaritan with a sidearm.

Update (2039 EST): 4 confirmed dead along with the shooter. A Good Samaritan killed the suspect. Bomb disposal teams are combing the mall bathroom for a suspicious package. There has also been reporting that the shooting erupted after a group of teenagers began arguing, which would present an alternative narrative that this was a gang related incident and not a targeted mass shooting.

Update (1847 EST): 2 confirmed killed and several injured. Suspects still at large.

Civilians on the ground are reporting at least a dozen shots have been fired in the food court area of the Greenwood Park Mall in Greenwood, Indiana.

One source said he heard up to 30 gunshots and saw dozens of people run past him.

This is developing.

Greenwood Park Mall has 149 stores.

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