Multiple Explosions Reported at Eurenco Munitions Plant, Bergerac, France

Update (0945 EST): Site of explosion has been designated as a Seveso-Level hazmat incident due to fire and toxic risk. Civilians are currently being evacuated from Boulevard Charles Garraud in Bergerac due to secondary explosions. Eight have been injured so far and 1 seriously.

Multiple explosions reported at the Eurecno facility in Bergerac, France. Local sources have confirmed several have been injured, but details are scarce. Local authorities have requested that civilians stay indoors due to explosions at the munitions production facility there.

According to their website:

A leading European company form military explosives, propellants and combustible items, EURENCO also provides explosives for the civil sector (oil & gas perforation, mining), and additives for diesel fuel, 2-EHN in particular, a chemical that improves diesel fuel quality. Laboratories, pilot workshops, multi-purpose units and large scale facilities, all contribute to strengthening. EURENCO’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities, allowing small scale to mass production. A favored partner of major companies worldwide, EURENCO aims to constantly enhance its flexibility and reactivity to provide a tailor-made service for
common success.
From its headquarters based South of Paris (Massy) EURENCO operates 4 modern production plants in France (Bergerac ,Sorgues), Belgium (Clermont) and Sweden (Karlskoga)

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