Monsignor Rolando Alvarez, 9 Others Arrested, Matagalpa, Nicarauga

Monsignor Rolando Alvarez, 9 Others Arrested, Matagalpa, Nicarauga


At approximately 0515 EST, Nicaraguan police broke down the doors at Curia Episcopal in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. He and 9 others were arrested and taken to an undisclosed location after being charged with inciting violence against the government. Protestors have since taken to the streets.

Those arrested include five priests and two seminary students. Their names are SPbro. Sadiel, Pbro. Jose Luis, Pbro. Oscar, Pbro. Ramiro, Pbro. Raoul. Seminarian Darvin. ??Seminarian Melkin . They have reportedly been transferred to Managua, but government forces are implementing a media blackout on the arrests.

Mosignor Alvarez has been an outspoken critic of President Daniel Ortega whos government has closed down about 1,000 NGO’s in Nicaragua, including the Mother Teresa Charity. This arrest is sure to be unpopular in the predominantly Catholic nation.

Last Friday, police blocked the entrance to the parish and stated they would arrest Alvarez if he left. Their patience has apparently evaporated after this mornings raid. Alvarez made several live Facebook messages telling the world about his confinement to the parish.

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