North Korea Launches Projectiles into East Sea

North Korea Launches Projectiles into East Sea


Update (2108 EST): The missile flew 600km at a maximum altitude of 60km at a top speed of Mach 5 with an irregular flight path that was not completely ballistic, suggesting a hypersonic test. The Japanese Minister of Defense Hamada has lodged an official complaint with North Korea.

Update (1911 EST): North Korea has fired one short range ballistic missile from the Taechon area of North Pyongyang into the Sea of Japan. The last launch was August 17th in which two cruise missiles were fired. This is the 16th launch day of 2022 for a total of 32 projectiles ranging from submarine launch and train launched ballistic missiles, to cruise missiles, to reported hypersonics to ICBMs.

Update (1902 EST): The Japanese Coast Guard has announced that a projectile did land outside of Japanese EEZ.

North Korea has launched a projectile into the East Sea. Projectile still airborne. Developing

Initial reporting from South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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