Nicaragua Refuses to Admit Newly Appointed U.S. Ambassador

Nicaraguan Vice President Murillo has ratified the veto of the U.S. Senate appointment of Hugo Rodriguez to U.S. Ambassador for Nicaragua. In her note she said that Ambassador Rodriguez will never enter Nicaragua.

On July 28, 2022, the Nicaraguan government announced that it had withdrawn their approval of Rodriguez’s nomination to the ambassadorship, after his comments criticizing the current regime during his confirmation hearings. However, yesterday, the U.S. Senate still confirmed his appointment.

In her note, she dismissed the comments made by Rodriguez during Senate confirmation hearings in which he denounced the Ortega government’s policy of taking political prisoners and shutting down hundreds of NGOs. It is not clear if Ambassador Rodriguez will be reassigned or if more negotiations will be held with the Nicaraguan government to ensure he fulfills the role.

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