Identities of Iranian Police Force that Killed Mahsa Amin Leaked

Identities of Iranian Police Force that Killed Mahsa Amin Leaked


These are the identities of the Iranian officers that arrested and ultimately killed Mahsa Amini:

According to a leaked police report, Capt. Inayatullah Rafiei, (top left) (52 years old) and born in Khodabande in Zanjan province, was the commander of the police force team that arrested Mehsa Amini.

1st Sergeant Ali Khoshnamvand, born in (top right) (27 years old) was also the agent of this team who transferred Mehsa Amini to the Irshad patrol van. He was born in the village of Khushnamond in the southern highlands of Lorestan province.

Prasto Safari, (bottom left) born in Kermanshah (36 years old), is an agent who stopped Mahsa Amini on the street.

Fatemeh Gurban Hosseini, (bottom right) born in Tehran (27 years old), is another female agent of this team that arrested Mehsa Amini.

Amini was apparently killed when her head was slammed into a table while she was resisting arrest. The full report also shows how several members of that precinct have requested security due to threats to their lives. This information was leaked back hacking group 3ackdoOr, which has been engaged in a full scale cyber war against public Iranian infrastructure such as government websites for more than a week.

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