Peruvian President Castillo Has Dissolved Congress, Declared State of Emergency

Moments ago in a televised address in Lima, Peruvian President Castillo announced the dissolution of the Congress and the establishment of an “exceptional emergency government.” He had declared a national curfew beginning today at 2200L to 0400L and the intent to hold national elections for a new parliament to draft a new constitution.

The Peruvian Foreign, Labor, Justice, and Economy Ministers have all resigned in the last ten minutes upon hearing the “unconstitutional violation.”

This comes after developments beginning on November 30th, by the Peruvian Congress to impeach the President for “permanent moral incapacity”. By December, 73 MPs voted in favor of opening impeachment proceedings with 32 against and six abstentions of the 130 member body.

According to France24: “Due to broadly interpreted impeachment wording in the 1993 Constitution of Peru, the Congress can impeach the President of Peru without cause, effectively making the legislature more powerful than the executive branch. This is also the third attempt by the opposition-run Congress to impeach the President.

Congress will require 87 votes to impeach Castillo. The opposition currently has 80 of the 130 parliamentary seats, and would have to convince some of the ruling party lawmakers or their allies to vote along with them to succeed.

In March, Castillo avoided impeachment after a debate that lasted more than eight hours, with only 55 legislators voting in favor.

However, he has remained under fire, recently appointing his fifth prime minister and cabinet since his July 2021 election, while thousands took to the streets in November to demand his removal from office.”

Castillo is also under investigation in six corruption cases, including accusations against his family and political entourage.

Earlier today, former Peruvian Housing Minsitry adviser Salatiel accused the President of accepting 450,000 PEN to keep Geiner Alvarafo as Housing Minister. He also accused the president of paying of MPs to vote against the aforementioned motion to open impeachment hearings and previous impeachment attempts.

He has also accused the President of paying 2 Million PEN to multiple judges that were presiding over cases of his two nephews. Salatiel has asked Congress for guarantees of his safety after that press conference.

With the announcement of the dissolution of the Congress it is not clear if Castillo will break up the current impeachment hearings via the military. The Congress has announced it will still hold the vote to impeach the President.


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