Multiple People Shot, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

Multiple People Shot, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada


Update 0843 20DEC22: Francesco Villi was killed by police after killing three woman and two men, reportedly members of the board of the condominium. He was in a years long litigation dispute with the victims and apparently resorted to killing them. According to court documents a 2019 court order prohibited Villi from communicating with the condo board or condo employees. It appears that Villi used a handgun.

In a Facebook video posted before the incident, an elderly man who identified himself as Villi and gave his address as the building where the shootings took place, spoke about his dispute with the condo’s board, saying they and court officials were conspiring against him and “working to destroy me”.

At approximately 2000 EST, reports began to emerge of an active shooter situation at a condominium near Rutherford Road and Jane Street intersection in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. More than twenty uniformed officers locked down the intersection, and the scene was cordoned off. The condominium appears to be the Bellaria Residences across the street from the Abeja District Condos and the Kabul Farms Supermarket.

By 2123 EST, police had confirmed that the suspect was killed in a shootout with police after shooting multiple people. It is unclear how many have been killed or wounded by the suspect. However, local news has confirmed that at least one is critically wounded and “several fatalities.”

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