Bosporus Strait Traffic Suspended, Ships Runs Aground

Bosporus Strait Traffic Suspended, Ships Runs Aground


Update: At approximately 0513 EST, the MKK-1 Was refloated and proceeded to Istanbul to off-load its cargo. Since then, traffic through the straits has resumed.

The Peruvian-flagged MKK-1, a bulk goods carrier vessel, has run aground in the Bosporus Strait, Turkey. The Turkish Directorate General of Coastal Safety has suspended transits through the straits while the vessel is being tended to. According to the Turks, the MKK-1 “ran aground in Umuryeri while cruising from Ukraine to Istanbul.”

The MKK-1 departed the port of YUZHNYY, Ukraine on January 8th after being in port since December 31st. It is reportedly laden down with Ukrainian grain bound for Istanbul.

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