South Koreans Shoot Down Drone Near U.S. THAAD Base

South Koreans Shoot Down Drone Near U.S. THAAD Base


At approximately 0700 EST, reports began to emerge from local South Korean media that an unidentified object was shot down near US Forces Korea THAAD air defense base in Soseong-ri, Seongju County, North Gyeongsang, South Korea.

By 0715 both American and South Korean soldiers were canvassing the area outside the base to search for the remains of the drone. Around 140 police officers and 18 military personnel were seen conducting the search. However, they called off the search as night fell and resolved to locate the wreckage in the morning.

By 0800 EST, South Korean media had identified the drone as a commercial civilian quadcopter, the report reads below:

“The Army’s 2nd Operational Command said that at around 12:54 pm today, a sentry at the THAAD base visually observed a flying object presumed to be a civilian commercial drone approaching from the outskirts of the base, and launched a response operation using the drone defense system.”

South Korean military authorities also noted that the drone most likely did not come from North Korea due to the relatively small size and distance from  Soseong-ri to the border, which is more than 150 miles. The drone was reportedly seen flying from Nongso-myeon. Once the wreckage is recovered, a more in depth analysis can be given as to the capabilities and possible origin of the drone.



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