Mass Shooting Leaves at Least Nine Dead, Monterey Park, CA

At approximately 0200 EST, multiple shots rang out at the Star Dance Studio on the 120 Block of West Garvey Street in Monterey Park, California. Patrons were celebrating the first night of a two-day celebration of the Chinese Lunar Year in which the Year of the Rabbit was beginning.

Eyewitnesses reported that a “man with a machine gun” began firing into the crowd and possessed “multiple rounds of ammunition in order to reload”. By 0251 EST, authorities had confirmed ten were killed and at least nine more were injured.

By 0600 EST, police confirmed that the suspect is still at large. This is developing.

Monterey Park, a Los Angeles suburb of 61,000 in the San Gabriel Valley, has a majority Asian American population. It boasts a 65% Asian American, 27% Latino, and 6% white demography, one of the largest Asian American communities in the nation.

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