U.S. Military Helicopter Crash, Harvest Alabama, No Survivors Reported

Update (1928 EST): According to HEMSI Community Relations Officer Don Webster, two people were killed in the crash, not six as previously reported.

Update (1850 EST): According to U.S. officials, the helicopter belongs to the Tennessee National Guard.

Update (1818 EST): Six people were onboard and died during the crash.

Update (1735 EST): MCSO Public Information Officer Brent Patterson confirmed that the helicopter involved was a Blackhawk, at this time it is unknown on who the owner is.

Update (1732 EST): Locals captured this footage showing the crash from their front door cam.

At approximately 1700 EST, reports began to emerge of a helicopter crash on the 5260 Block of Alabama 53 in Harvest, Alabama. By 1730 Redstone Arsenal had confirmed that the helicopter was not theirs, but local media had confirmed it was military.

From Redstone:

”Redstone Arsenal leaders are aware of reports of a helicopter incident near Highway 53 in Huntsville. First responders are on scene, and Redstone Arsenal is in full support of local authorities in their active investigation. Initial investigations have determined that the incident is not connected to Redstone Arsenal assets, and we will continue to support community authorities as the situation develops.”

From the wreckage, it appears to be a UH-60 BLACKHAWK, but no agency has claimed responsibility for their aircraft yet. The first report reads below:

This is developing.


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