Sheetz Tanker Explosion Rocks Frederick, MD

Sheetz Tanker Explosion Rocks Frederick, MD


Update (1425 EST): One casualty has been confirmed, the driver of the tanker.

Update (1338 EST): It appears that the tanker truck crashed near Apple Road, causing at least some of the fuel load to leave the road and spill into storm drains near the intersection overpass. Emergency crews seem to be making progress on controlling the fuel fire, but a HAZMAT cordon is being established to deal with the fuel spill.

At approximately 1240 EST, local reports began indicating a massive explosion occurred after a Sheetz gas tanker caught fire less than 50 meters from residences in Frederick, Maryland.

Emergency services are on scene and it is not clear what caused the conflagration. It is also unclear if any residences have been engulfed by the fire. At least one other vehicle has been destroyed on I-15 and massive traffic delays are being recorded after both sides of the interstate were closed.

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