Norway Repatriates and Arrests ISIS Sisters

Norway Repatriates and Arrests ISIS Sisters


Norwegian authorities have arrested Ayan Jumaand and her sister, Leila, who departed Norway in October, 2013 to fight for ISIS. The two are Somali-Norwegians. The pair appealed to Norwegian aid workers in Roj, Syria. The pair requested asylum for themselves and their children, but we’re informed they would be arrested as soon as their plane landed. From the Norwegian Minsitry of Foreign Affairs:

“Norwegian authorities have assisted two adults and three children to leave the al-Roj camp in Syria. The two women have been informed that they will be arrested when they arrive in Norway. Consideration for the children has been decisive for the repatriation.”

The women are now 29 and 25 years old, and left for Syria when they were 19 and 16 after a rapid period of radiclaization online. For years, their father tried to convince them to come home, to no avail.

The Norwegian Police Security Service made this announcement at 1928 EST:

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