UK Double Murder Suspect is US Air Force Member and Family

UK Double Murder Suspect is US Air Force Member and Family


Update (1112 EST): Police released the 27-year-old man and woman, 33. A 66-year-old man, the woman’s father, is still under arrest.

The UK Daily Mail is reporting that an American Air Force Service member, his wife, and her father have been detained as suspects in the double homicide of two British nationals in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. On Wednesday night, Joshua and Gary Dunmore were killed at their homes only days after Joshua had won a custody battle for his son.

Joshua, 32, was found dead at a house in an upmarket newbuild estate in Bluntisham late on Wednesday night after police received reports of gunshots. Half an hour later his father Gary, 57, was also found dead at his flat in Sutton, around six miles away.

The male suspect, 27, originally from Ohio, is believed to be part of the United States Air Force stationed in the UK. His wife, 33, who is a British national, and her father, 66, were arrested today. The father was captured in a dramatic chase on M5.

While it is not clear if Joshua was the father and the wife of the US service member was the mother, the shooting appears to be due to the fierce custody battle.

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