Norwegian Police Order Temporary National Armament Following Suspected Attack

One suspect is in custody after plowing into a crowd near Kongens Gate, Steinkjer, Norway.

Three were critically injured and one was killed in a rare show of violence in Norway. The driver was arrested and charged with negligent driving and is suspected of being intoxicated during the incident. However, the Norwegian Minister of Justice told press at 0900 EST that the motive was unclear, despite rumors that the crash was intentional.

As a precaution, the Norwegian National Police Directorate ordered a temporary armament of its forces:

“The incident in Steinkjer is serious. The motive for the action is currently unknown, and the situation appears unclear. We have therefore decided to introduce temporary national armament, until we have a clearer picture of the situation, says police director Benedicte Bjørnland.

We are following the situation closely, and intelligence and investigation cooperation between the police and PST (Police Security Service) is now underway.”

Few Norwegian police departments have armed patrol officers. The last national armament was after the 2021 bow-and-arrow attack.

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