Large Fire Engulfs Aftab Oil Company Storage Tanks, Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery, Iran

Update (1046 EST): According to local authorities, the fire has been extinguished.

At approximately 0834 EST, reports began to emerge of a large fire at the Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery in Southern Iran. Initially, four were reported injured in the Aftab Oil Company storage tank areas. By 0925 EST, eight were confirmed injured in the blaze. By 0926 EST, two of the five neighboring tanks had exploded and eight firefighters sustained superficial injuries.

As of this publication, the fire has not been brought under control and local hospitals are being prepared to receive mass casualties.

This is developing.

Bandar Abbas Refinery, one of the largest in the Middle East with a refining capacity of more than 300,000 BPD, was constructed in an area of 7 square kilometers near the city of Bandar Abbas in southern Iran. The feed for the refinery is the heavy crude oil plus some condensate which is transferred from Sarkhoon gas treating plant. Some portion of refinery products is exporting, while the remaining is supplying the local market in order to meet the demand.

Below is the official listing of capacity:

Gasoline: 46,000 barrels per day
Kerosene and Jet Fuel: 37,000 barrels per day
Furnace Fuel: 67,000 barrels per day
Gas Oil: 70,000 barrels per day
Tar: 5,000 barrels per day
LPG: 7,000 barrels per day


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