China Appoints New Pakistan Ambassador

According to Ary News, the People’s Republic of China has finally named a successor to Nong Rong as its ambassador to Pakistan. Nong Rong departed his post in January; since then, Pang Chen Shui has been coordinating diplomatic duties as the Charge d’affaires.

Zaidong is a career Chinese diplomat who has been serving as the ambassador to Laos since 2018. Born in February 1970, he joined the foreign service in 1992, and has served primarily in Vietnam. In 2017, he was appointed deputy director of Department of Asian Affairs, he remained in that position until October 2018, when he was appointed Chinese Ambassador to Laos according the National People’s Congress decision. (Wiki)

Under Zaidong’s ambassadorship, the Lao government has aligned significantly with the PRC, especially by supporting further Belt and Road Initiative projects and supporting the assimilation of Hong Kong in 2020. In June 2020, Laos was one of 53 countries that backed the Hong Kong national security law at the United Nations.

His reassignment to Pakistan signals the importance of deepening Islamabad-Beijing relations as India takes a more proactive role against China in Southern Asia.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s new ambassador to China, Khalil Hashmi, is also busy with preparations to go to Beijing. Khalil Hashmi will take up his post as Pakistan’s ambassador to China in September.

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