Two Firefighting Helicopters Reportedly Crash During Response to Broadway Fire, Cabazon, CA

Update (0844 EST, 07 AUG 23):

The California Department of Forestry has confirmed that one Division Chief, Captain, and and contractor pilot were killed in the mid-air collision.

Update (2318 EST):

FlightRadar appears to show the two tracks before their reported collision.
Update (2304 EST):

At approximately 2200 EST, initial reports indicated that two firefighting helicopters crashed in Cabazon while responding to the Broadway Fire which has reached around 20 acres. This brush fire immediately began threatening structures in the town and multiple engines and aircraft were deployed to contain it.

While there has been no corroborating information, scanner traffic from CALFIRE has been indicating that two aircraft crashed in the vicinity. Civilians on the ground also posted pictures and videos showing the separate smoke cloud and fire from the wreckage.

In several since-deleted tweets, Fire scanner enthusiasts reported that Bonita Fire attack aircraft were responding to the incident: Air Attack 310, Tankers 72 and 73, Helitanker 8AC, and Copter 301. It is not currently clear if any of these aircraft were involved. This is developing.

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