Massive Explosion and Fire Erupts in Tashkent Warehouse Incident, Uzbekistan

Update (2033 EST): The Uzbek Internal Affairs Ministry has reported that a lightning strike caused the initial fire which led to an explosion. The warehouse belonged to Inter Logistics and held at least 16 vehicles and a company staff and government staff belonging to the IIBB. There have been no confirmed deaths as of this update.

Update (1935 EST): Bolnista Tashkenta hospital is reporting overcrowding with hundreds of casualties. Multiple residences in a 1 mile radius experienced window-shattering shockwaves and several buildings have been engulfed in the inferno so far.

Update (1907 EST): Air traffic at Islam Karimov Tashkent Airport has been suspended due to the explosion and fire.

Moments ago a large explosion and inferno erupted at a reported customs warehouse in the Stroitelny row in the Sergeli District of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. As of this publication there is no confirmation of fatalities or cause of the explosions.

The Sergeli District is a commercial and suburban hub of the Uzbek capital and is home to hundreds of businesses and thousands of apartment residences.

This is developing.


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