Berlin City Govenment Bans Pro-Hamas Protests Due to Anti-Semitism Concerns

The Berlin city government has banned further pro-Palestinian demonstrations until October 18th and has cancelled approved permits for multiple events scheduled for Potsdamer Platz. The announcement from Berlin city reads below:

“After assessing all the circumstances and findings and weighing up all interests – in particular the basic right to freedom of assembly – the Berlin police have announced the “Solidarity with the Civilian Population in the Gaza Strip” meeting scheduled for today with 200 participants, which will take place from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Potsdamer place was registered and the holding of any replacement event was prohibited in Berlin until October 18, 2023.

Based on the experiences of the past few years and also the recent past, further findings and the creation of a forecast, the examination by the assembly authority has shown that there is an imminent danger that the assembly will display:

  • seditious, anti-Semitic exclamations,
  • glorification of violence,
  • conveying a willingness to use violence and thereby intimidation as well
  • Violent activities

This is the first large pro-Palestinian demonstration cancelled in a major Western city since this weekend’s attacks. Large pro-Palestinian demonstrations broke out in major Western cities such as Sydney, Australia, and New York City, United States. During these demonstrations, especially in Sydney, demonstrators shouted anti-Semitic chants such as “gas the Jews”. Due to Germany’s storied past with anti-Semitism, the caution exercised by the Berlin city government is expected.

This announcement falls in line with German Chancellor Scholz’ comments to the German Parliament earlier today. During his address Scholz stated that “Israel’s security is German reasons of state” and that “we do not tolerate anti-Semitism”. He also said that he will be in constant talks with Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey regarding the current situation. He also said that the Palestinian Authority silence over Hamas’ attack is “shameful”. For internal matters, he said that the Palestinian network Samidoun should be banned within Germany. He also banned further pro-Hamas activity in the entire country, such as fundraising, demonstrations, etc.


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