Maryland Circuit Court Judge Wilkinson Fatally Shot at Home

Update (0930 EST, October 20th):

Pedro Argote has been named as the suspect police area searching for.

Update (0709 EST, October 20th): Statement from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Update (2315 EST): The assailant has still not been apprehended. Local media is reporting that law enforcement has identified the suspect and are searching for him.

At approximately 2100 EST, initial reports indicated that a man had been fatally shot at his residence in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Local media has just reported that the victim appears to be Maryland Circuit Court Judge Andrew Wilkinson. WJLA has reported that Maryland State Troopers have been dispatched to protect the homes of other judges.

The assailant reportedly lost custody of his children earlier today as Judge Wilkinson presided over the case.

This is developing.

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