Inferno Rips through Neighborhood After Fuel Depot Explosion, Conakry, Guinea

Update (0708 EST, December 18th, 2023): The death toll has risen to 11 and more than 82 are injured.

Update (2026 EST): The explosion appears to have occurred at the Shell storage tanks at the neck of the Kaloum Peninsula where Vivo Energy (the Guinea branch of Shell) has several thousand-gallon storage tanks that service the port and airport.

At approximately 1935 EST, a large explosion at the Station Shell Coronthie gas station on the Kaloum Peninsula, specifically in Conakry, Guinea. There are said to be dozens dead and injured as the inferno is now spreading to residential neighborhoods.

Hundreds of residents have been spotted fleeing the area. There has been no confirmation of emergency crews on scene as of this publication.

This is developing.

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