Tsunami Warning for West Coastal Japan After 7.4 Earthquake

Update (0343 EST): Evacuation orders have been expanded to include Kunimi, Koshiro, Natsume, and Takasu in Fukui, Japan.

Update (0311 EST): A third 5.4 earthquake has been detected near the original epicenter and citizens in Noto are currently feeling the tremors.

Update (0258 EST): The Prime Minister has issued full-scale rescue operations in Noto. Approximately 36,000 people have lost power and all Hokuriku Shinkansen mass transit lines have been shut down, stranding tens of thousands. A second 6.4 magnitude earthquake is currently underway near the original epicenter. A landslide has closed the National Highway in Joetsu, Niigata.

Update (0238 EST): The following locations and corresponding Tsunami height predictions have been published by NHK, courtesy of the Japanese Meteorological Agency:

“Sado (estimated height 3m)

Toyama prefecture (estimated height 3m)

Yamagata prefecture (estimated height 3m)

Ishikawa prefecture Kaga (estimated height 3m)

Fukui Prefecture (estimated height: 3m)

Northern Hyogo Prefecture (estimated height: 3m)

Southern coast of the Sea of ??Japan, Hokkaido (estimated height 1m)

Sea of Japan coast of Aomori prefecture (estimated height 1m)

Akita prefecture (estimated height 1m)

Kyoto prefecture (estimated height 1m)

Oki (estimated height 1m)

Western Pacific Coast of Hokkaido (estimated height 1m)

Tottori Prefecture (estimated height 1m)

Northern Sea of ??Japan coast of Hokkaido (estimated height 1m)

Izumo/Iwami, Shimane Prefecture (estimated height 1m)

Sea of ??Japan coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture (Estimated height 1m)

Iki/Tsushima (estimated height 1m)

Fukuoka Prefecture Sea of ??Japan coast (estimated height 1m)

Northern Saga Prefecture (estimated height 1m”

Update (0228 EST): Major evacuation orders have been issued for Hokkaido and Fukuoka, Japan.

Update (0225 EST): Several residential building collapses have been detected in Noto, Hosu District, Ishikawa.

At approximately 0210 EST, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake was detected at an extremely shallow depth in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture. Evacuation orders have been issued.

Eyewitnesses in Noto, Osaka, and throughout Ishikiawa are reporting tremors and mass transit have halted in place.

This is developing.

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