Satellite Imagery Shows Fire at Chinese Naval Base

According to satellite imagery, a large fire seems to have broken out at the Sanya Naval Base dry dock in Hainan Island. Witnesses the live on the island also made several posts on Chinese state owned social media that an incident did occur the night of October 15th, but no news reporting.

Another vessel in the dry dock does not appear to have been burned, Damien Symon, an independent defense analyst who has been following the construction of this facility said.

“The undamaged small passenger ferry in the dock shows that the black deposits are from a fire,” Symon said. “If it was sediment carried in when the dock was flooded, it would extend throughout the dock.”

This dry dock just finished construction recently and this is reported to have been the first use by the ferries. It was built to support maintenance and aircraft carriers instead of them sailing out of the South China Sea for repairs.