Missile Trails of North Korean Launches Visible from China

Chinese social media users published these photos showing smoke trails from Sinuiju, North Korea, shot from over the border in Dandong. These photos were captured during a second round of firing from North Korea. The initial salvo of at least (10) missiles occurred around 2000 EST on 01NOV22, this launched occurred around 0400 EST on 02NOV22 which included six missiles of various design.

These photos are especially significant because they show how the Peoples Republic of China literally buoys the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. China has enormous influence by being the Hermit Kingdom’s chief trade partner and lifeline to the outside world.

The Japanese and South Korean militaries have confirmed now that at least 20 missiles were fired, a mix of short range ballistic missiles (SRBMs) and surface-to-air missiles (SAMs). The North Koreans also fired over 100 artillery rounds into the Sea of Japan Buffer Zone over the course of six hours. This is the largest single display of firepower from the North Koreans in the history of their provocative launches.