Israeli Aircraft Reportedly Carried out Drone Strike Against Iranian Convoy on Iraqi-Syrian Border

According the Wall Street Journal, the 08NOV22 airstrikes on the Iraqi-Syrian border were carried out by Israeli aircraft. While Israel most likely coordinated with the United States, the anonymous U.S. defense official that told press the strike was not American, seems to have been validated.

The fuel convoy was reportedly also carrying weapons in addition to desperately needed supplies for Lebanon. Pro-Iraqi militia sources told their Telegram followers that the convoy only had fuel supplies onboard, however, according to the same WSJ article, the convoy also had explosives and weapons onboard. The death toll for the strike now rests at 10, as opposed to the 20 initially reported by this publication. However, the Syrian Observation of Human Rights (SOHR) Commision has reported that 15 have died, with no Iraqi citizens among the dead.