GRAPHIC: Former Wagner Member Executed After Reported Kidnapping from Ukrainian Captivity

Pro-Russian Wagner Group pages have published this footage purporting to show the execution by sledgehammer of Evgeny Nuzhin, who fled from the front and voluntarily surrendered to the Ukrainian military on September 4, 2022. In captivity, he gave over key details of Wagner operations in Ukraine. On October 12th, in an interview with Ukrainian media, he said that he wanted to fight for Ukraine, and judging by the reviews in the comments, even Ukrainian viewers believed in his sincerity.

Nuzhin was reportedly kidnapped from Kyiv several days ago, possibly by Wagner forces, who have now published the footage of his execution. After serving 24 years in jail for a 1999 killing, Yevgeny Nuzhin, 55, was one of a number of prisoners who signed up with a ‘private military contractor’.

After his September capture, he told Ukrainian press:

”As far as I understood, [we were] cannon fodder. If you didn’t follow instructions, they would shoot you.’

Nuzhin continued: ‘It was not Ukraine that attacked Russia, it was Putin who attacked Ukraine. I have relatives who live here. My uncle lives in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, and my sister lives in Lviv.”