Turkish 8th Main Jet Base Group Command Carries Out Strikes in Northern Syria

Turkish F-16s from the 8th Main Jet Base Group Command were spotted taking off in Diyarbakir which is about 120km from SDF positions that were struck in Northern Syria. At least six SDF personnel and six Syrian military troops were killed in nearly 25 Turkish airstrikes. The video below, published by Turkish media shows the jets taking off from the fighter base:

The airbase houses the 8th Min Jet Base Group Command which is comprised of the:

  • 181st Squadron “Leopard” (181. Filo “Pars”) – F-16C/D Block 40TM/Block 50+ Fighting Falcon (LANTIRN-specialised)
  • 182nd Squadron “Accipiter” (182. Filo “Atmaca”) – F-16C/D Block 40 Fighting Falcon
  • 202nd Liaison and SAR Squadron “East” (202. ?rtibat ve Arama-Kurtarma Filosu “?ark”) – CN-235M-100, AS-532UL Mk.1+

The Turkish Ministry of Defense published this video purporting to show the airstrikes on Kurdish positions in Northern Syria: