Iranian Rockets Target Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan Headquarters

At approximately 1630 EST, several explosions ripped through Koysinjaq, Iraq. Local sources are claiming that Iranian rockets are once again targeting the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan headquarters in Koysinjaq, Iraq, which was hit by Iranian rockets six days ago, killing two.

Local sources are reporting that Iranian one-way attack drones were heard overhead directly before the explosions. The Hengaw Human Rights Organization is reporting that a civilian camp near the headquarters has been targeted.

Following international criticism of an Iranian rocket attack against the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan headquarters six days ago, IRGC officials claimed that they withhold the right to target dissidents in Northern Iraq that threaten Iranian security.

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, also known as the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), is an armed leftist ethnic party of Kurds in Iran, exiled in northern Iraq. It is banned in Iran and thus is not able to operate openly.

The group calls for the self-determination of Kurdish people and has been described as seeking either separatism or autonomy within a federal system.