UA Governor Claims Nearly 3,000 Ukrainian Miners Rescued

Using Telegram, Ukrainian Governor Valentyn Reznichenko claimed that almost 3,000 miners have been rescued after being trapped by a power outage. Below is the translated announcement he made.

“Dnipropetrovsk region
November 24
7:50 a.m

It was a busy night.

All services worked and continue to work.

Rescue operations in Kryvyi Rih and Pavlograd District have ended. The rescuers lifted almost 3,000 workers to the surface who remained in the mines due to the blackout of the enterprises.

Power engineers continue to restore power. Up to 50% of consumers in the region have electricity. But the situation in energy is complicated. Therefore, outages will continue everywhere to reduce the load on the network as much as possible.

The occupiers in Nikopol are not appeased.

The Marganets community was hit five times with heavy artillery. More than 30 shells were directed there.

People were not injured.

Representatives of the State Emergency Service are inspecting the territory – they are finding out the details of the shelling.”