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Protests and Violent Riots Continue in Paris and Other French Cities

Again today, people gathered in public areas in Paris to protest a highly controversial change to France’s retirement age that was passed by Emmanuel Macron’s government using special constitutional power that forced it through parliament. Since last night, protesters have...

Controversial ‘Foreign Agents’ Bill Thrown Out After Protests in Georgia

The current ruling party in Georgia, The Georgian Dream party has announced that the bill on “foreign agents” will be dropped.  This comes as people took to the streets of Georgia’s capital and staged protests against the bill over the...

Protests in the Georgian Capital Tbilisi Continue

Protesters in the country of Georgia have gathered for a second night to protest new legislation proposed by the Georgian parliament. The new legislation would see any Georgian organization which receives more the 20% of their funding from outside of...

Two Americans Who Survived Kidnapping in Mexico Escorted to Border

Photos have come out which show the two Americans who survived the recent kidnapping in Mexico being handed into the care of US authorities at the border. The kidnapped took place on March 3rd when gunmen in the Mexican border...

Parents in Iran Protest Over Poisoning of Schoolgirls

Today in Iran’s capital, parents gathered outside the Education Ministry building to protest the unexplained poison attacks that have been targeting schoolgirls. Reportedly, the protest today eventually turned into an anti-government demonstration. There were also two other protests today in other...

Moldova’s PM Pledges to Strengthen Relations with Ukraine

Eyes have been on the country of Moldova as of late. There has been numerous statements made by governments in the region that have led many to speculate that an attack from Russia via Transnistria is imminent. With those following...

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