Russian MoD Admits Ukrainian Drones Struck Airbases

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that it intercepted two Ukrainian drones over two airfields this morning. The statement reads below;

”On the morning of December 5, the Kiev regime tried to strike with jet drones at the Diaghilevo and Engels airfields. Ukrainian UAVs flying at low altitude in the Ryazan and Saratov regions were intercepted by air defense systems, as a result of the fall and explosion of fragments of Ukrainian UAVs at Russian airfields, the hull skin of two aircraft was slightly damaged.”

The Ministry continued: “Three Russian soldiers were killed, four more were injured as a result of the attack of the Kyiv regime on Russian airfields.”

The MoD also reported that they successfully struck 17/17 intended targets including rail infrastructure in an attempt to disrupt troop and weapons transfer along Ukrainian interior lines.

Sentinel 2 imagery of Engels today does not indicate burns or other damage via false color bands. However, higher resolution imagery is needed to confirm. This light damage would match up with the Russian narrative that the drone was intercepted before conducting a strike. However, CCTV footage from this morning did indicate a short-lived fireball.