Peruvian President Pedro Castillo Has Been Arrested

Local media have reported that Peruvian President Pedro Castillo has been arrested by national police forces. Castillo attempted to retain power by dissolving the Peruvian government after they voted to impeach him for corruption.

Castillo, whose administration started in July 2021, has denied allegations of corruption against him, saying that the allegations are based on hearsay statements by people who, seeking to lighten their own punishments for supposed crimes by abusing my confidence, are trying to involve me without evidence.”

Castillo is the subject of six separate investigations by federal prosecutors, the most of which concern allegations of corruption, on the basis of the hypothesis that he has abused his position to profit from public works projects.

Castillo is the first president to be investigated while still serving as president; yet, the investigations should not come as a surprise in a country where almost every former president in the last 40 years has been charged with corruption tied to multinational firms.